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Pattaya city will continuously grow due to many strategic reasons.

Future infrastructure to drive the growth of Pattaya economy and real estate. Infrastructures under construction and planing include ;

Asian Economic Community (AEC), Thailand will be the strategic location in South East Asia due to its location in the center of the region. Pattaya will be the only beach city closest to Bangkok, only 90 minutes drive.

Pattaya is the only beach city surrounded by many industrial estate zones. The city does not only attract local and international tourists, but also a large number of expats.The eastern seaboard of Thailand is an emerging economic region and plays a key role in Thailand's economy. It is considered as a 2nd economy zone apart from Bangkok. It contains a few deep-sea port and high value goods such as Japanese / European branded automobiles, which are manufactured there and shipped to other ports.

Number of tourists and income is expected to triple within 5 years from 8m tourists with income of 3 billion USD in 2012 to 30m tourists with income of 10 billion USD in 2017

The city attracts many international investments and attractions such as multi million dollar investments such as Entertainment Complex and Marina in Koh Lan, Largest Water Park Ramayana in South East Asia, World First Cartoon Network Theme Water Park and etc.

The residences will have numerous activities organized by the full time
Activities & Guest Relations Officer. These will include:

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