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Investment program offers a great investment opportunity to investors with guarantee rental yield at 7% per year for 5 years. All the units will be fully furnished with luxurious interior design with the standard of 5 star resort properties.

Investors will benefit from not only guarantee on rental income, but also from long term capital appreciation from properties due to its ultimate location in one of the fastest growing cities in Thailand.

Each Residence owner at X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere has the option to participate in a professionally run rental program that will be managed by BHMAsia under its luxury resort brand "X2 Resorts". This rental program has been created for all those owners who wish to buy their property as a form of a lifestyle investment.

Through such a program, each owner will give mandate to X2 Resorts to rent out their property (or part of it) to third parties. X2 Resorts will then manage the whole process, ensuring that every aspect of the transactions are professionally handled, maximizing returns to the property owner.

Under the Rental Management Program agreement, the owner of each property will have the right to utilize their property at any time.

X2 Resorts will always try and accommodate owner request for use of their property, but it will be subjected to availability and advance bookings are strongly recommended. A flexible, fair and pragmatic approach is used to meet every owner’s requirements.

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