Bangkok Office

: +66 8 1451 0002

Pattaya Office

: +66 8 1450 0001, +66 8 1450 0002

X2 Vibe Pattaya SeaPhere will be run by the X2 Resorts division, who will provide owners with a full range of services, including:
- Common area Management
- Facilities Management

Privileged owners at X2 Vibe Pattaya SeaPhere will benefit from the use of some common areas and facilities, like those found within a 5-Star Resort. The areas and facilities will be maintained by the management company, just as a resort would be. These areas include the spaces such as walkways, the general landscaped areas and facilities such as restaurant, and swimming pools.

The facilities and services offered at the X2 Residences will include:
4K Restaurant - As with all X2 Resorts & Residences, there is a 4K Restaurant on site, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in the traditional X2 Fusion style.
Reception - X2 Vibe Pattaya SeaPhere will have a further added benefit over and above normal residence developments in the form of a proper resort style reception desk.
Housekeeping Centre - A crucial part of the overall service package in the shape of a resort housekeeping and laundry set up, complete with professionally trained maids on site.

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